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2018 A bearish year for Digital Assets

With one-way traffic right from the beginning of the year traders and investors are both forced to re-evaluate their game plan/trading strategies. With assets falling over 80% from the January 7th high almost all HODLers didn’t fair well.

With the majority of coins paired with BTC there was no escape form the carnage, initially it looked like a healthy consolidation of 20%. Traders were unsure if this was a change in market sentiment or just a temporary slump. With more futures contracts available to trade there was more downside pressure on BTC and panic set into the markets.

With a period off low volatility from August to November many of the hopefully started pronouncing the bottom they were in for a terrible end of year selloff.

Now with 2019 ahead of us where will the market head? With more institutional players starting to enter the markets perhaps volatility will decrease? It still looks like some of the retail traders need to be squeezed out of their longs before we can bounce. For brave traders I think accumulation anywhere from $1-$4k is a good medium-term play.

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